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Emily Barr Ruth

Emily Barr Ruth, PsyD, LLC
Licensed Psychologist

702 N. Blackhawk Ave., Suite 209
Madison, WI 53705
(608) 698-0201

Eating Disorders and Body Image Treatment - Emily Barr Ruth, PsyD, LLC

Problems with eating and body image are rarely just about food. Often times, these concerns are deeply rooted in our feelings about ourselves and relationships with others. Sometimes eating issues can mask another problem such as depression, anxiety, family of origin issues, or a history of trauma. Other times, the physiological effects of poor nutrition can impair an individual's ability to think clearly and function in daily life. These issues are very serious and can cause a great deal of suffering for the individual as well as for those who care about him or her.

My approach to treating eating disorders and body image concerns is to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms. Together we can explore the origins of the problem and the influences that perpetuate it. We will use specific strategies to monitor and re-evaluate your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. I often recommend working in conjunction with a primary health care provider and/or a nutritionist. As a team, we can address the emotional, as well as physiological aspects of the problem.

Treating an eating disorder requires commitment and support. I offer clients compassion, knowledge, and understanding as they work towards a new long-term way of living with and in their bodies. For more information about my approach to treating eating and body image concerns, please feel to contact me at (608) 698-0201.